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Emptied Pockets, back to Boulder

Jim's keys

Jim’s keys

Once up in the room to decompress Zack empties his pockets, and pulls out Jim’s keys to the RV.  By now all of our phones are dead to the world, including Jim’s.  I am desperately trying to get juice to one of the phones to try to reach Jenny before she gets too far by the time I did get a charge to make a call their phone was either dead or they were listening to music too loud to keep awake I never reached them.  Frantic I tried to reach Jim on his phone, Glenda or Jodi on facebook to no avail.  I pictured them pulling apart the RV (once again ) looking for the keys parked behind the bus.  Reluctantly we called a cab.  The cab driver was about to go off shift and offered us an off the meter deal.  He was excited to make the extra fare, he said he had to put some gas into his car if we were to make it up to Boulder.  Zack went in to the station to get the cash and just as he was coming back to the cab I got a text from Jim that he just got a charge back into his phone and that he was home with a spare set – just mail em.  When everyone was back in the cab I said that I had good news and bad news, good news for me possible bad news for him.  He winced as I told him that we would not have to go to Boulder after all.  The cab driver began to whine what he was going to do now that he put $25 worth of gas in his car.  I silently thought well you could drive people around in your car for money…. but I said, turn on your meter take us back to the hotel I will give you double the meter and this joint I have in my pocket.  He grumbled about it but I trust he was very happy as soon as he lit my california special up.

We would have 3 1/2 hours to sleep before we had to get up to get over to the Denver Airport.